List of Healthcare Quality Indicator Definitions

It is important that Healthcare Quality Indicators would be improved through autonomous utilization by medical professionals. Therefore establishing common standard among indicator projects is preferable to be achieved spontaneously. On the other hand, emerging many different indicators would make standardization process inefficient.

The idea that several organizations cooperate to maintain, manage, develop, make a list of  the definitions of Indicators, and apply them in individual projects seems accelerate utilization of Healthcare Quality Indicators in Japan.

Here we open a proposal of the list of the indicator definitions as a starting point for the consortium, which is developed with Health and Labour Sciences Research Grant.

Consortium (under planning)
  • All Japan Hospital Association
  • Japan Hospital Association
  • Japan Council for Quality Health Care
  • EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) Diffusion and Promotion Project
  • Quality Indicator / Improvement Project (QIP)
Quality Indicator List (Japan QI Consortium) (Aug-2015, PDF) .